Open Air Events can range from village fetes to county shows and from local concerts for home grown talent to major events for internationally acclaimed performers 

Whatever the venue, whether a village green or a sports stadium, the Fire
Safety Strategy and the Emergency and Evacuation Plans play a vital and a critical role.

Paul Turnbull has a wide variety of experience in this field including

  • Examination of Fire Risk Assessments to assess compliance with the requirements of the legislation;
  • Examination of Fire Strategy documents to assess their suitability to meet the needs of the organisers and of those coming to enjoy the experience;
  • Identifying and correcting shortfalls or failures within existing plans 
  • Providing Fire Risk Assessments for both 'front of house' on behalf of the venue management and 'back stage' on behalf of the Production Team;
  • Involvement in the Multi-Agency Control Room for the duration of the event and throughout the dispersal period;

  • Attending Multi-Agency Debriefs to provide feedback and to identify and implement any relevant learning outcomes.

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