Fire safety legislation in the United Kingdom applies generally to all non-domestic premises.  This includes all commercial premises and workplaces, including those managed by voluntary organisations and the self employed and all premises to which the public have access.  Also included are the common parts of multi-occupied residential buildings such as flats and maisonettes.

If you are an employer, then you have a duty under the Reulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to carry out a fire risk assessment.  Similarly, if you occupy or have a degree of control over any non-domestic premises then you are likely to have this duty.

A fire risk assessment identifies possible hazards as well as the actions you need to take to keep the people on your premises safe.  It needs to be kept up to date and be reviewed on a regular basis, in particular when something changes that could affect fire safety or where you have any other reason to suspect that it is no longer valid.

Available for free download from the web-site of Her Majesty's Government are an assortment of guides for all employers, managers, occupiers and owners of non-domestic premises.  They have been written to provide guidance for the Responsible Person (as defined within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005), to help them to carry out a fire risk assessment in less complex premises.

Many managers do not feel that they have the time or capacity to read the guide relevant to their premises and to apply the guidance contained within, or they feel that their premises are more complex in design or layout and require expert help.  If this applies to you, or if you require assistance in assessing and addressing fire risk within your premises then please contact us to arrange for one of our qualified assessors to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises on your behalf.  All of our Fire Risk Assessors are third party accreditted with the Institution of Fire Engineers for added confidence and assurance.  Please note, however, that no matter who carries out the fire risk assessment it is the duty holder who retains the resposibility for fire safety within the premises.

Fire Risk Assessments are the bedrock of all that we do and our work is carried out in accordance with the Fire Industry Association "Fire Risk Assessors - Standard Scope of Services" which is available here for download. .