Fire Risk Assessment  

Available for free download from the web-site of Her Majesty's Government are an assortment of guides for all employers, managers, occupiers and owners of non-domestic premises. They have been written to provide guidance for the Responsible Person (as defined within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005), to help them to carry out a fire risk assessment in less complex premises.

Many managers do not feel that they have the time or capacity to read the guide relevant to their premises and to apply the guidance contained within, or they feel that their premises are more complex in design or layout and require expert help. If this applies to you, or if you require assistance in assessing and addressing fire risk within your premises then Turnbull Fire Consultancy Ltd can undertake a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises. This will include an assessment of preventative measures, protective measures and management procedures, and will culminate in a priorised Action Plan that will assist in bringing your premises into compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Fire Risk Assessments are the bedrock of all that we do and our work is carried out in accordance with the Fire Industry Association "Fire Risk Assessors - Standard Scope of Services"

Enforcement Notices  

Have you recieved an Enforcement Notice or a Prohibition Notice from the Fire and Rescue Service? We can assist you in addressing the requirements that have been imposed on you by the Notice, offering clarity and understanding in relation to the items within the Notice as well as practical proposals that will assist you in providing a remedy for the failures identified within the Notice and returning you to full compliance with the Fire Safety Order.

Fire Safety Training 

We can provide fire safety training for all those who work in or resort to your premises. Training courses are tailored towards the various roles within organisations including the management of fire safety as well as actions to be taken in case of fire. All staff will receive the training that they need to fulfil their responsibilities completely.

Training courses include Fire Safety for Managers of Residential Buildings (Flats) (7 hours), Fire Warden Training (3½ hours) and Fire Awareness Training (2 hours).

Event Fire Safety Management Plan 

Open Air Events can range from village fetes to county shows and from local concerts for home grown talent to major events for internationally acclaimed performers. Whatever the venue, whether a village green or a sports stadium, whether indoors or open air, the Fire Safety Strategy and the Emergency and Evacuation Plans play a vital and a critical role.

We can provide all of the fire safety and evacuation advice that you require and will produce a Fire Safety Management Plan that will integrate with the principle documents required for event licensing.

Fire Safety Policy 

In addition to Fire Risk Assessments we can also assist in the production of a Fire Safety Policy for your premises, including the development of a fire safety plan and organisation and control within the workplace or premises. We will assist you to develop a system to monitor the outworking of your fire safety procedures and to review them on a regular basis.

Building Regulations Consultation  

Are you in the process of modifying your premises to better suit your needs? We offer an advisory service to assist you in complying with of the requirements of Approved Document B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations. We will assess your plans against the requirements for Means of Escape, Internal Fire Spread, External Fire Spread and Access and Facilities for the Fire Service and advise on measures required to address any shortfalls.



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