Fire safety legislation and associated recommendations have come about as a result of significant fires in history, often resulting in the tragic loss of human life.  The subsequent investigations, public enquiries and final reports have led to improved fire safety conditions in all premises whether residential, commercial, industrial or places of assembly.

Some of the fires that have led to the changes in published guidance can be found in the 'tabs' above.  The outlined reports start to build up a picture of the way in which conditions have been improved, and are continuing to be improved, as we learn the lessons that have been bought with a high price.

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  The Windsor Castle Fire, 1992

  The Cutty Sark Fire, 2007

  The Kings Cross Station Fire, 1987

  The Manchester Air Disaster, 1985

  The Bradford Stadium Fire, 1985

  The Woolworths Fire, 1979

  The Summerland Fire, 1973

  The Maryhill Road Fire, 1972

  The Rose and Crown Fire, 1969

  The Top Storey Club Fire, 1961

  The Henderson's Fire, 1960

  The Eastwood Mills Fire, 1956

  The Empire Palace Theatre Fire, 1911

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