Royal South Hants Hospital Ward Forced to Evacuate following Fire


    Patients were led to safety from the ground floor ward of Antelope House at Royal South Hants Hospital shortly after 19:00 GMT.

    Fire crews said 30 people were moved to a different part of the building, which is a mental health unit.

    Four people were treated for the effects of breathing in smoke while one needed further treatment and was transferred to another hospital.

    Around 30 patients were moved from the ward to a different part of the building. The fire was then quickly contained and extinguished using jets and ventilation fans. 

    Firefighters from St Mary's, Hightown and Redbridge dealt with the fire, which was out by 20:23 GMT.

    Station Manager Rob Cole said:  "With assistance from the hospital staff, we were able to move patients a safe distance from the fire.

    "The fire was relatively small but using the fans we were able to contain the flames and smoke within the ward and prevent any spread to the rest of the floor or building. 

    "There was a small amount of fire damage to the affected ward and smoke damage to around a quarter of it. The fast work of the crews prevented any further damage to the rest of the hospital." 

    A 36-year-old woman from Fareham has been arrested on suspicion of arson, and has been bailed until 8th May.


Collated by Philip Turnbull





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