Blaze at Norfolk Fire Station


    An investigation has begun after a Downham Fire Station in Norfolk was gutted by fire.

    The building suffered severe damage and the fire engine inside has also been destroyed as a result of the incident on the 11th March.

    Eight fire crews from Norfolk and Cambridge battled the blaze.

    Downham Market Councillor Kathy Mellish lives opposite the station and said it was like nothing she had seen before;

    "Never have I witnessed anything like that in my life.

    "It was frightening. The roof started to open up and the rafters started to fall in.

    "The explosions were phenomenal, they rocked the ground you were stood on.”

    The Fire Service, which accepts it hadn’t followed its own fire safety advice and that the building hadn’t provided with a fire alarm system, is now faced with a bill of about £1.5m to replace the station, with a further £250,000 needed to replace the fire engine.


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