14.4.17 Hampshire fire crews tackle 39 heathland blazes in just two days


Fire fighters in Hampshire have issued a stay safe warning while enjoying the sunshine 

As thousands of people prepare to go camping, have barbecues and enjoy the county’s beauty spots, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service are reminding people to follow the countryside code.

It comes after a spike in heathland fires across the county.

Earlier this week a blaze on Yateley Common destroyed six hectares of heathland before fire crews battled a three hectare fire in Lindford, Bordon.

In two days there were 39 heathland and grass fires in Hampshire.  Many blazes are caused by carelessly discarded cigarettes.

Another risk is that the heat from the sun can be magnified through bottles, glasses and broken glass; you should always take any rubbish home with you.  Take extra care when using camp fires or barbecues.

Fire chiefs have urged people not to attempt to tackle a fire too large to be extinguished by a bucket of water or put themselves at risk.  They also add that members of the public should never put themselves at risk trying to take photographs or videos.

Nigel Matthews, head of recreation management and learning at the New Forest National Park Authority, said: “With more people out in the forest enjoying sunnier spring days over the coming weeks, it is important that people are aware of the dangers of wildfires in the New Forest, especially in the open areas of heathland.

“Please don’t use barbecues away from car parks as even the smallest ember or spark could cause a dangerous fire which would destroy wildlife habitats and endanger people’s homes.”

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service work with the National Park Authority, Forestry Commission and Hampshire Constabulary to protect the countryside and ensure everyone can enjoy it safely.

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