28.2.17 Manchester Airport car tunnel fire closes runway


A car fire in a road tunnel led to one of Manchester Airport's runways being closed, causing delays to some flights.

The blaze broke out in Wilmslow Road, underneath runway one, at about 18:00 Cheshire Police said.

Photos from the scene showed plumes of smoke billowing out of the underpass.

All flights were diverted to runway two as a precaution but normal runway services have now resumed.

Passengers had reported being stuck at foreign airports as a result, while others said their flights had been diverted to Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds Bradford Airport.

Photos shared on social media show heavy smoke billowing from the underpass.

A Manchester Airport spokeswoman stated that seven flights had been diverted elsewhere because of the closure, and that there were delays for the "majority" of flights.

Story collated by Liz Turnbull.

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