24.1.17 Fire fighters tackle blaze at Southampton flat


Fire fighters tackled a blaze which gutted the Southampton bedsit.

Residents in a building, in Upper Shaftesbury Avenue, Highfield, which has been converted into a number of apartments, needed to be evacuated from the building at about 4.50am.

Two fire engines from St Mary's Fire Station attended the fire on the ground floor, using a new Ultra High Pressure Lance, which they have been trialling on behalf of the county, to tackle the blaze.

Fire, smoke and heat damage was caused to the bedsit which has been left uninhabitable. Light smoke was also left throughout the communal areas.

Crew Manager Edmiston said they believed it was started when items were left near an electric heater and caught fire.  “Everyone got out safely and no one was injured thanks to the alarm system that went off throughout the building, the building had adequate smoke detectors the alarm was raised quickly and everyone was evacuated from the building in good time."

"We would just like to remind people of the safely aspects when operating electric heaters.

"Please ensure they are in good working order and also that nothing surrounding it can catch fire; also follow the instructions which are supplied with the unit.

Story collated by Liz Turnbull.

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