21.6.16 Hangersley Hill house badly damaged by fire


Fire fighters tackled major blaze at £1m house in Hangersley near Ringwood

The large house in the New Forest has been severely damaged by the fire.  The blaze broke out in the detached property in Hangersley Hill, Ringwood, just after 06:30. The owners were not at home and no-one was injured.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said flames had spread through the entire building, but crews had surrounded the fire and brought it under control.  More than 40 fire fighters in six engines rushed to the scene at around 6.40am and battled the flames for hours. No one was hurt.

There is no suggestion the fire was started deliberately, but Hampshire Fire and Rescue service said the investigation could take days.

Group manager Andy Fox, from Hampshire Fire and Rescue, stated that the fire would take some hours to control before the house was safe enough to enter.

“It was going really well before we even got here,” he said, adding: “There’s nothing to salvage because the property is empty.”

A 50ft plume of smoke was from the A31, with glass heard cracking and shattering under the pressure of the heat.

Because the roof has been destroyed, fire crews had to weave the water from their jets through the broken windows to tackle flames in the gable end.

Andy Fox said the fire may have been going for more than an hour before they arrived on scene.  He said that despite access to mains water and six engines each carrying 1.8 tonnes of water, the fire was still going in both storeys.

The house, Holly Hill, sits in 11 acres of land, with two acres of SSSI land.  It was completely renovated in 2010, and is believed to have had more work done recently.

Neighbours helped turn traffic back before the cordon and divert them back to the main road.  Traffic became heavy on the A31 as drivers slowed to look at the smoke, but congestion cleared by 9am.

Story collated by Liz Turnbull.

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