1.2.16 Cannabis farm discovered in Middlesbrough home after wiring catches fire


The cannabis farm worth around £150,000 was discovered after it caught fire in a house in Middlesbrough

Fire fighters were called to a property on fire in Falmouth Street on Monday evening 1st February 2016. They alerted police when plants with an estimated street value of £150,000 were discovered.

The fire was found to have been caused by unsafe wiring bypassing the electricity meter.

Cleveland Police warned that such actions could put lives at risk.

Cleveland Fire Brigade was called to Falmouth Street in central Middlesbrough after wiring set up to bypass the electricity meter in the property had caught fire.

Officers from the Community Drugs Enforcement Team dismantled the equipment and removed the plants, estimated to be worth around £150,000.

The emergency services have issued a warning regarding the potential for cannabis farms to cause fires.

It comes just weeks after a cannabis farm found at a property on Clarendon Road, in Middlesbrough was also found with unsafe wiring.

Police also warned that owners of properties need to be vigilant when renting to tenants that they do not know, especially if they are offering cash payments.

Detective Inspector Steve Kappel, from the Community Drugs Enforcement Team, said: “Dangerous wiring which is used to bypass electricity meters proves to be a fire hazard at most cannabis farms which are discovered.

“It’s lucky that this property did not go up in flames entirely.  Lives are being put at risk and it’s not acceptable.  It’s only a matter of time before there is a serious incident due to the irresponsible actions of those setting up cannabis farms.”

Phil Lancaster, Director of Community Protection at Cleveland Fire Brigade, said: “This is extremely irresponsible.  We utterly condemn such behaviour and fully support the police in any action taken.”

Story collated by Liz Turnbull.

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