Westminster restaurant fire 12th December 2015


Fire fighters have issued a reminder about the dangers of leaving cooking unattended after a restaurant fire on St James’s Street in Westminster.


It’s believed that the fire started accidentally when hot cooking oil was left unattended on a gas hob.

The fire damaged part of the basement kitchen, as well as ducting (the restaurant’s ventilation system) between the basement and ground floor. 

The Brigade was called at 20:45 and the fire was under control at 22:08.  Four fire engines and 21 fire fighters and officers from Soho and Lambeth fire stations attended the incident.

More than 150 people left the restaurant in St James' Square as the kitchen was damaged by fire.  The diners were evacuated from the restaurant in Westminster when the fire started in its basement kitchen.  It happened on Saturday December 12th in St James’s Square, damaging part of the kitchen and the restaurant’s ventilation system between the basement and first floor.  Customers were not hurt during this incident


Story collated by Liz Turnbull.

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