Twenty-Five Rescued from London Flat Fire


    Around 55 fire-fighters attended a blaze in a four-storey block of flats in Finchley Road, which had left 25 people trapped and awaiting rescue.

    Witnesses said there appeared to be "no end in sight" as new pockets of flames were still emerging over 15 hours after the fire had started.

    A spokeswoman for the London Fire Brigade said: “The incident is protracted due to the complex layout of the building and the fact that the fire had got into the voids between the floors of the building.

    Crews were first called to the five-storey building at about 6.30am on Monday and rescued 25 people in the morning, including a pregnant woman and her husband, who had taken refuge on the roof.

    Mr Morales, who was rescued from the roof, said: “My wife smelled smoke and woke up and the next thing we knew there was a thick cloud coming in. We clambered out through a small window at the back of the apartment and out into the roof - it was pretty terrifying.”

    Station manager David George said: "Firefighters are working hard in strenuous conditions to contain this fire and bring it under control. 

    "On arrival crews wearing breathing apparatus entered the building and led over 20 people to safety from inside. We also used one of our turntable ladders, which is like a cherry picker, to rescue a further two people from the roof."

    Twelve residents were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and a two-year-old child was taken to hospital as a precaution.

    Finchley Road Tube station was temporarily closed in the afternoon due to a related power failure. 

    The Vue cinema and O2 shopping centre were also closed as a result of the fire.