Delays and Cancellations after Channel Tunnel Fire


    Passengers were forced to wear gas masks on the Eurotunnel following a lorry fire in one of the tunnels on Saturday.

    Eleven Eurostar trains were cancelled on Sunday amid continuing delays following the fire whilst any residue smoke was cleared, affecting over 12,000.

    Kim Notman, who was at the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais on Sunday, told the BBC: "I was loaded on to the train at 09:30am with my car and have now been stuck on the train for the last three hours.

    "The doors to the train have now been opened because people were getting so agitated."

    Professor Urfan Khaliq, who was travelling from Paris to London, said: "We've been here around, I guess, nearly three hours now. They've offered free cashew nuts and water to anyone who wants it.

    "People are just sitting here really rather stoically and trying to get on."

    Eurotunnel said passengers had been safely evacuated from trains in the tunnel, and the fire "was quickly brought under control" by French emergency services.

    Firefighters examined the site and a Eurotunnel spokesman said it did not look like there was any significant damage.


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