Warehouse Fire Hits Nintendo’s UK Customer Repair Company


    A fire at the warehouse used by Nintendo UK’s customer repair partner has affected a number of gamers.

    The Coventry Telegraph reports that Repair Tech’s offices were hit by a serious fire last week that required the night-long attentions of a number of fire engines to tackle.

    Smoke was seen billowing from the building at about 7pm and fire crews spent the entire night dousing the flames while trying to stop the blaze from spreading to neighbouring buildings and even some oil storage drums at the back of the unit

    An aerial platform was used to target the fire which had started in the first floor of the factory unit.

    Group commander Simon Ellershaw said: “The first crews arrived and tried to make entry to the building as there was smoke coming from the roof and about a third of the building.

    “They did manage to extinguish part of the fire and we had eight firefighters in breathing apparatus trying to get to the middle unit to stop the spread there.

    “The unit deals with fixing IT and machines, so there were lots of plastics and black smoke, which were making conditions very difficult and such that they had to withdraw for safety reasons, and due to the speed with which the fire was spreading.

    “Crews were then defensively fighting the fire and protecting the nearby buildings and also oil storage tanks at the back of the building.

    A Nintendo UK spokesperson told MCV:  “We can confirm that on Tuesday 18th November, a fire broke out in the warehouse owned by RepairTech, the company that Nintendo UK uses to fulfil its customer repairs.”

    “Nintendo UK only used the warehouse for UK based product repairs and storing of associated repairs equipment, it did not contain stock that would at any point be sent to a retailer for sale to the public. We are pleased to confirm that no one was hurt.”

    Customers whose hardware or software was in for repair have been contacted to be told that free replacements are to be issued, alongside some complementary free eShop credit.

    At one stage firefighters had to withdraw from the scene owing to the density of smoke bellowing from the burning plastics. There was also concern regarding the danger of a nearby oil storage tank.

    The cause of the fire remains unknown.


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