Leslie Southern Court Residents Rescued from Fire


    Three elderly residents at a sheltered housing facility were rescued by neighbours and firefighters from a blaze in a ground floor flat at a sheltered housing complex in Newbury.

    An automatic alarm activated at Leslie Southern Court, Newbury when the fire broke out on Saturday evening.

    Crews from Newbury fire station were called to Leslie Southern Court, in Doveton Way, at around 7pm, and were confronted with a "serious" fire upon arrival. and four more crews, from Dee Road and Whitley Wood fire stations in Reading, and the ambulance service were also called to the scene.

    Mr James said two women were rescued from ground floor flats and a man was led to safety from a flat above the fire.

    Residents were also helped to escape the flames by neighbours.

    Fire-fighters wearing breathing apparatus ventured into the building and rescued a man in his 70s from the ground floor flat where the fire started, and two elderly ladies from a smoke-filled flat above.

    The ground floor flat was completely ruined, and the communal hallway and first floor flat suffered bad smoke damage.

    The cause of the fire is being investigated.


Collated by Philip Turnbull

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