58 Fire-fighters Southampton Tackle Flat Fire


    Eleven people were rescued and one was taken to hospital after a fire ripped through a Southampton flat in the early hours of Wednesday 14th May.

    Eight appliances attended the blaze at the low rise block in Northam at around 2:10am.

    Fire-fighters described flames shooting out of the windows as crews entered the rescue people trapped in their homes.

    An elevated platform was used to rescue two residents, while four more were carried down on ladders.

    St Mary's Fire Station crew manager Richard O'Brien, who was one of the first at the scene, said: “It was a well-developed fire by the time we arrived and there were flames coming out of the windows.

    “Luckily the residents all did as they were told and did not panic. They were very calm and that made the whole job a lot easier.

    “It must have only been taken around 10 minutes to put it out but it felt a lot longer.”

    A resident in a neighbouring block, who asked not to be named, said it was "very scary" to see a flat on fire.

    She said: "We have a lot of gas going into these buildings and I was worried that could explode. I was just glad everyone got out alright, especially the children.

    "Luckily my daughter slept right through it but it was not a nice experience in the slightest."

    The city council confirmed it was looking after six adults and two children from five flats and working on re-housing them.

    A spokesman said:  “Six adults and two children are known to have been directly affected by the incident and are being looked after by our services while we find suitable alternative accommodation for those affected.”

    Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service launched an investigation into the fire, and have since confirmed that the fire was started as a result of an electrical fault.


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